My Beautiful Journey

” Life is a journey with problems to solve, lessons to learn, but most of all experiences to enjoy”- Anonymous

In my SEAMEO SEA-Teacher experienced as a Pre- Service Student Teacher Exchange in Southeast Asia (Indonesia), I’m very thakful that I’ve gained so much knowledge and experiences that I will use in my career as a future teacher . I’m confident now, that I’m more competitive to face the challenges because of my gained knowledge and experience in this programme. As part of this project, I’m willing to share to the future batch SEA- Teacher Programme, what I have learned and gained as Pre-Service Student Teacher Exchange in Southeast Asia. Continuing this Programme will really help the student teacher to be better and also to enhance their skills.

School: General Information and Academic Administration

Come and visit Great Crystal School and Course Center

Great Crystal School and Course Center is a student centered school and a comprehensive education pathway that provides highest standard of education, International and National recognized academic programs from Preschool, Primary, Secondary and Junior Collge. 


Great Crystal School and Course Center is International School. It was located West Surabaya. Using collaboration curriculum (National and Cambridge) with our motto Graciousness, Confidence, Success and Perfection. It make us always keep our quality with highest standard in education.

  • School’s Achievement
  • Established in 2005 by Surabaya Mayor
  • Become Cambridge School in 2010 with ID 076
  • Become SPK School in 2016
  • Accredited “A” from BAN-SM
  • International and Local Outstanding Teachers
  • International and Local Students
  • Biligual Environment (English and Chinese) 8. Multi-Culture of students and teachers

Industry: Education Management

Company size: 51-200 employees

Headquarters: Surabaya, East Java

Type: Educational Institution

Founded: 2005

Specialties: Preschool, Primary, Secondary, Junior College, Course, and Cambridge Exam Preparation

For more info about School Profile, Academic Support System, Teaching System, Materials and other learning sources, Measurement and Evaluation System,Curriculum, Teaching Plan of Great Crystal School and Course Center just visit the Website

Pedagogical Contents

Teaching Method of the Teacher that I have Observed

I’m very thankful that I’ve been assigned to Great Crystal School and Course Center because I did not have a hard time communicating to my students because the medium of Teaching is in English. As what I have oberved in ICT( Information and Communication Technology) class, the teacher(Miss Hanum) used Student centered approah and act only as a facilitator that promotes self- Learning and help students develop critical thinking skills and retain knowledge that leads to self actualization. This style trains students to ask questions and helps develop skills to find answers and solutions through explorations.

Their Learning Materials and Innovation

In ICT( Information and Communication Technology) Laboratory Room they have Computers or personal Computer, Wifi Connection, and Projector and I’m quite shocked because the lesson for ICT is so advanced that I need to recall what we have studied before. As early as 3-4 years old , The students already know to use a Computer and the topic for secondary level is what we have tackled in College. As I have observed, they don’t have many learning materials , it’s just enough for the number of the students but the lesson is very advanced compare to the Educational System in our country.

Sources of Learning and Technology used by the teachers

Usually the sources of Learning and Teachnology used by the taechers is given by school just like modules or book, syllabus, Scheme of work, Learner Guide, endorsed Textbooks and digital resources, Teacher supports, Discussion Forum and many more as a sources of learning. They usually follows the Cambridge syllabus because the Cambridge IGCSE is internationaly recognised and has provided a pathway for the students to continue their studies around the word.

Authentic Assessment Used by the Teacher

Authentic assessment usually includes a task for students to perform and a rubric by which thier performance on the task will be evaluated. So as I have observed to my mentor teacher, she usually used authetic assessment or performance assesment because students are asked to perform meaningful tasks after the teacher will discuss and demonstrate the topic.

Teaching Plan


The school offers a Collaboration Curriculum (National and Cambridge) and endless opportunities for all students to achieve excellence in academic, creative, social, cultural, sports and community endeavours.

They value collaborative learning, positive relationships and building capacity amongst thestudents to effectively allow them to engage in the world of the future, where problem solving, evaluating, working in teams, communicating, creating and innovating are not only valued concepts, but expected skills, attributes and capabilities.

Teaching Plan

I’ve been using this syllabus because Cambridge IGCSE syllabuses are created especially for international students and it encourages learners to develop liflong skills, including:

  • undersatanding and using applications
  • using Information and Communication Technology(ICT) to solve problems
  • analysing, designing, implementening, testing and evaluating ICT systems, ensuring that they are fit on purpose
  • Undersatanding the implications of Technology in society
  • Awareness of the ways ICT can help in home, learning and work environment

Teaching plan or Lesson Plan in Great Crystal is very different from our lesson plan here in the Phillipines . So I’ve asked the principal of what lesson plan will I be using and he said that I need to adapt there lesson plan. In the Phillipines,we make lesson plan everyday for our topic or lesson while their lesson plan Great Crystal is per semester but in my case I have to make lesson everyday while adapting their teaching plan.

Teaching Practice

Procedures of Teaching

Preparing my lesson plan and materials in teaching is the first thing that I’ve done before entering the class. Then, I will greet them lively to make the class active. After that, I will check the attendance and ask who’s absent for that day. In my lesson proper, I’ve started the lesson by motivating them by the use of educational games and After that, I will discuss the picture /tools that they have pasted in front and its importance. Then, I’m going to demonstrate the process about their activity. Lastly, I will give an activity to test if they really listen and learned in our lesson.

Time Management and Organizing Activities

ICT( Information Comunication and Technology) is not a major subject, so I just have 50 minutes in my primary and secondary class while 30 minutes only in my preschool class and they just only meet once a week, that’s why I need to manage my time wisely because my time is not enough for my lesson.

Problem Solving

Many of us, who participated in SEAMEO SEA-Teacher have a problem about Language barrier, luckily I don’t have this kind of problem in my practicum school because Ive been assigned to an International School and the medium of Teching is in English , so I don’t need to translate the lesson to english just like the other SEA-Teacher Participant. My main problem is the different types of approach that I need to apply because my specialization is for secondary level only and they gave me a preschool, primary and secondary class, that’s why in observation week, I really keep in my mind how the teacher approach the preschoolers and the primary learners so that I know what teaching strategy will be appropriate for them. I’m very happy because I have the chance to meet the cute little ones and nobody knows I may use this experienced in the near future. Second, they have different lesson plans compared to us because their lesson plan is per semester while we make our lesson plan everyday for every topic, so it is hard for me to adjust beacause I’m not familiar to their lesson plan but the principal said that I need to adapt their lesson plan and I’m very thankful to my mentor because she’s the one who guided me. Lastly, the shorten period of time because ICT is not a major subject, so I only have 50 minutes in my primary and secondary classes and 30 minutes in Preschool, so I don’t have enough of time that’s why I really need to manage my time very well.

Classroom Management

We have our class in ICT Room. When the students are late, they will say sorry to you and explain why they are late and promised that they will never do it again. Being noisy is not allowed in ICT room, so when they are noisy, I will just call their attention to remind them. Each student have their own computer and they are liable whatever happens to it, so after I discuss and explain the instruction , they are going to do the hands on activity. After they use the the computer the students automatically shut down the computer and arranged the chairs.


My Travel Experiences

January 05, 2019, my very first ever travel abroad so I’m very excited that time and very nervous as well because everyting is very new to me. We have a connecting flight, form Manila- Bali , Indonesia and From Bali to Surabaya , Indonesia.

Every weekends, we’ve been to different places with our Indonesian buddies like surabaya zoo, national museum, house of sampoerna( cigarette factory), malls, mangrove park, chinese temple , coconut beach and Masjid Al-akbar( mosque). In our tour we’ve got the chance to know thier culture and to get along with our buddies.

February 5, 2019, leaving Surabaya, Indonesia is not easy because of the momories that we’ve share and also I fell inlove in this place, so when we are leaving we are all crying and say that we want to stay longer here.

Summary and Suggestions

Purposes of practicum

The main purpose of the practicum is to gain knowledge,ideas and experience that we can share to the next batch of SEAMEO Sea-Teacher Project , we can also use this oppurtunity in our career as a future teacher.

Procedures of Practicum

First, I need to prepare my lesson plans and materials . I will greet the students lively, so that they will participate actively and I will check the attendance. I used motivation in my lesson proper to attract the learners and to motivate them , by allowing them to pick the pictures and paste it in front and let them guess the topic. After discussing importance and the proceduce on how to do it. I will demontrate the procedure to the learner’s and they will have their activity after.

Outcomes of the Practicum

As expected I gain more knowledge and experience that will be useful to be effective teacher and also to improve my communication skills.

Challenges of Practicum

The challenge of this practicum is how to approach the primary level and think for a teaching Strategy that will suit them and also the behavior of the students.

Overall Impression

I’m very thankful to SEAMEO Sea- Teacher Project because I’ve gained so much knowledge that I can use in the near future, not just knowledge but memories as well that I will treasure in my heart forever. I don’t regret to be a SEAMEO SEA- Teacher Participant because I know in myself that I become a better individual and effective teacher too.

Suggestion for future Improvement

I suggest to SEA- Teacher Project to continue this programme so that many student teacher will benefit from this Project and will gain knowledge and experiences that is very useful.


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